Thursday, June 14, 2012


Mason finished his one and only year of preschool and is ready to set off to Kindergarten. He is super excited to be able to go to school with Samantha and to ride the bus to school. Mason has grown up a ton this year and I am excited for him to be in Kindergarten. He will grow up even more, learn so much, make new friends and have so much fun. I love you Mason, CONGRATS ON PRESCHOOL!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


We decided to take a family trip to Phoenix Arizona this summer. It ended up being so much fun!!! We also ended up being there with the Carter's, which worked out perfect cause all of our kids had a little buddy to play with. My aunt Colleen lives in Phoenix, so my mom made the drive down with us. Right when we got down there we dropped her off at my aunts house to play for the week and then we picked her up at the end of the week to drive home with us. 
The week was filled with swimming every day, all day long!!!! The first night we went and swam at Aunt Colleen's house, then the other days we swam at the pools at the condo, and on the last night we went back to Aunt Colleen's house. She has an awesome pool in her backyard and it was even more fun to be there with my cousins and their kids. After long days of swimming, in the evenings we walked out on the golf course looking for golf balls, playing games, going to a Diamond Backs baseball game, and some shopping with the girls. We had such a great time, I'm sure that this will be a trip that happens every year!!!!